A quick cute thing

I had forgotten about this because it doesn’t come up very often but Sparkly calls eir glasses “specs” and isn’t that the greatest thing ever?



I’ve been doing some fiction writing, kinda sorta. Today I went back to the very first notes I wrote about these characters, to check whether I’m being consistent with how I initially described them (and decide whether I want to be consistent with that or not.) I think I’ve established some things a bit more clearly.

The lack of meaningful posts here can be attributed to me working more, I think. And Sparkly being at home more, maybe. IDK. I’m making more money, though, which is good, because we need it for when we move.

And speaking of, I know very few people read this but I might as well:

Do you make videos? Maybe for a blog or a Youtube channel? Would you like them to have captions? Have you noticed that Youtube’s automatic captions are pretty horrible?

I would love to caption your stuff for you. If you’re interested, my email is on the “contact me” page.