I really really believe

in embracing the inevitable awkwardness and ambiguousness of communication, and just doing whatever works to get your intentions across, even if it’s not Smooth, because 99% of the time, the other person is just as un-Smooth as you,

and it’s a good thing I believe in & enjoy this process because god am I awkward.

even when things are going objectively awesomely: still awkward. but it’s ok.

Sparkly does this thing where ey wakes up out of a sound sleep with a craving for a very specific food. Like, ey will take a nap and before ey opens eir eyes ey’ll be saying to me “I want a cheeseburger for dinner” or whatever.

At first I didn’t know what to think, because ey does sometimes talk in eir sleep, and ey sounds asleep when ey does this, but ey is usually serious about the food things.

We’re going to a bakery to get cupcakes this afternoon, apparently.

Actually I do have something to write about today

Last night I had a weird dream, set sometime several years in the future, wherein I found out that Sparkly and Numbers Guy had gotten married without telling me. Like, at some point in the past, relative to the dream, Sparkly had gone back to where we just moved away from, on vacation, and they just randomly decided to get married, and then years went by and ey didn’t tell me about it. And in the dream I was very upset about this for two reasons:

  1. I thought I had a right to know about things like that & ey should have at least told me right away afterwards, if not beforehand.
  2. I’d wanted to be at & involved in the wedding, like help with the music or something.

The fact that that’s what bothered me seems kind of funny in retrospect.

I decided on a personal rule a while ago, which is that Doctor Mac is great but I only reblog posts about her if they are not also about alcohol. It cuts down my options pretty significantly, which is why I made it a rule.

Like, I know that “person in a fancy suit with a glass of liquor in their hand” is a Thing, but the jokes about, like, her drinking all her problems away, get a little old.

Sorry Mom


I’m tired but something reminded me of this so here’s a totally inconsequential opinion:

The Great Divorce by C. S. Lewis should be called The Great Straw Man instead.

Putting an argument in the mouth of a character who doesn’t really believe it themself, is not the same as actually making a counterargument.


I’m actually a little bit proud of that email, because, “I should have realized my copy of the instructions might be out of date” is an apology, and it’s even a polite one, but it still carries the subtext of “I followed the damn instructions.”

(Also I actually did realize, I just couldn’t find any of the relevant information on the website– updated or not– because the website sucks.)